Formulation Expert


  • Beverage formulations, Mineral water, RTD Protein shakes, Soft drinks, Energy drinks, sport drinks, Infant vitamin, Prenatal.
  • Powder Supplements: Protein shakes - Soy, Whey shake, Amino shake, Rehydration drink, Gainers, Energy shake, Meal replacement, weight control, Sport Nutrition, Energy shake.
  • Tablets( Bi-layer, rapid / Sustained release), Capsules, Chewable Tablet, sublingual, Multi vitamins, Minerals, Herbal supplements
  • Functional Foods, Probiotics, Enzymes, bakery premixes, Flour enrichment blends
  • Nutritional, granola and Candy Bars - baked, slab, extruded
  • Dietary Supplements, Functional foods, nutraceuticals , Multi vitamins, Beverages, Nutritional bars, Medical food
  • Confectionery – Candy, Tableted confection, Chocolate, Sugar free
  • Edible Vitamin film strips, herbal film strips
  • Gums - Chewing gum, Bubble Gum, Pectin Gummy, Gelatin Gummy, Energy gums, and Vitamin Fortified Gums 
  • Formulation with Kosher, Non-GMO, Natural and Organic ingredients
  • Fruit-chews, Fizzy tablets, mints 
  • Bird & Pet supplements
  • Baked wafer cookies


  • Label : Create Nutritional Facts and Supplement fact. 
  • Flavor and Taste Optimization for food products
  • Application support with foods and flavors
  • Build formulation database software with formulation, raw materials and labels
  • Product specifications & SOP
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Reformulation
  • Product & process Optimization 
  • Ingredient selection & sourcing , Packaging support
  • Troubleshooting current formulation
  • Sensory Evaluations by using variety of methods
  • Ambient shelf life
  • Co-packer and Manufacturer sourcing and evaluation
  • Market research for product and brand awareness and surveys

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        Formula development from Concept to Launch



​       Multi Vitamins & Minerals - Prenatal, Children, Active Lifestyle in all dosage forms.
  Protein shake - Whey, Pea, Rice, Soy
 Amino Acids
Calcium and Bone Health 
 Digestive Aids: Enzymes, Probiotics & Prebiotic Fibers
Functional Chewing gum / Ball gum
 Energy - Drink, shake, stick pack
 Gummy sweet & supplements
Age Defying supplements
Hair, Skin and Nail
 Immune Support - Cranberry & Vit C 
 Joint Health - Glucosamine Tablets
 Cholesterol support
Sport Nutrition
 Pet Supplement Products 
Liquid supplement
 Weight Loss - Liquid/shake, Bar & Tabs
Vitamin water
Recovery & Rehydration
Infant vitamin drops 
Diabetic support formulas
Sugar free candy and Chocolate
Liver Detox
Omega 3 & Fish oils
Candy and Nutritional bars
Health formulas
Shots & e-juice